Referral Rewards Department

Here we explain precisely how you can share the wonderful book of Yassawi and also make some money for your promotion. Also there is a great way of getting a FREE Book, while 1st edition stocks last

To benefit from sharing Divine Wisdom with friends, we have enabled a scheme whereby those you introduce to the book and who then purchase it benefit from a 5% discount. You, through your own unique identity reference also get a 10% thank you from us.
If you have recieved any flyers from us and they have a unique code bottom right then spread that around any way you like, sending them to the site. When they purchase they will be asked if they have a promo reference to input. If they then put that in it immediately identifies you as their referral. We send them a discounted book and you a 10% thank you, via PayPal.

Easy to spread the love, eh?

It does not stop there - if you are responsible for 10 books sold we automatically send you a free copy to gift, keep or whatever. This offer remains only while we still have the first print hardback in stock.

(Please note if you are purchasing wholesale from us we offer 1 free book for every 20 ordered and paid for. This does not include any discount, outside of the trade discount pre-agreed.)

If you wish to direct people straight to their discount purchase page here is the link:

If you do not already have a personal refferal ID and want one apply here:

Now that Yassawi has gone global - his beautiful verse has entered the world stage as uplifting, spiritually enriching, guidance begetting literature. It only seems natural therefore to say thank you as you share this great and sumptuous volume with others.

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