JOnathan and Virve Trapman - Translators

of the English version of Diwani Hikmet

Both Jonathan and Virve Trapman have held a love of languages for many years. Between them they have ten at their disposal. They also share a deep spiritual connection and in their own spheres as well as together they share this love in the work they do.

On their long overdue honeymoon to Kazakhstan, they visited amongst other places, Turkestan, in Southern Kazakhstan, where Hoja Ahmed Yassawi spent much of his life. Having previously visited Kazakhstan the year before Virve and Jonathan were keen to visit the places the author of Diwani Hikmet has associations and connection with. Jonathan, a world renowned professional photographer, knows well the importance of 'getting a feel' of places, in order to capture the spirit of place. Apart from visiting several locations, amongst which were the mausolea of Baba Aristan, Yassawi's mother and father they spent evocative time around the magnificent Mausoleum of Yassawi himself.

"The heart speaks and the hand writes"
Ancient Sufi saying

Virve, a Russian born therapist, writer and artist, was brought up in Estonia and moved to the UK in 2000. In 2004 she met Jonathan and from that moment on their creative connectivity sparked an eclectic output.

Recently they completed the English translation of Kreet Rosin's run away success "Your Every Feeling Creates You", published by Hay House.

Jonathan's life journey has afforded him, through his professional capacity to see more countries and meet more people than most would dream of doing in ten lifetimes. His love of humanity, his deep interest and passion for spirit and the growth of being has afforded him meetings with remarkable individuals. Alongside Virve's deep rooted connection to ancient Siberian Shamanism and her Naqshbandi Sufi connection, Jonathan found a natural home for his heart and soul with her and in Sufism.

Jonathan's own published books, his heptalogy The Freedom Cycle,  begain publishing  in 2016. The first Dreams and Realities is already garnering a lot of film interest.

As both know from personal experience, the wonders of how life presents opportunities and blissful serendipidy are aptly typified in how this creative duo came to be asked to translate this extraordinary, evocative and uplifting treasure from centuries back. Their story of this is told here

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